Men Wanted:

For hazardous wilderness journey, physical and emotional hardship guaranteed, many days completely disconnected from society, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Growth, clarity, peace and connection in case of success.

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2023 Adventures
April 13-16 (for couples) Hidden Lakes Ranch w/ Adee Caz (sold out)
June 13-27 Amazon River, Bolivia (invite only)
Sept 4-10 Boundary Waters, MN (sold out)


2024 Adventures
March 25-31 Escalante, UT

The Promise of This Adventure

You will be pushed to your edge physically and emotionally; you’ll gain greater clarity in your life’s purpose, peace of mind in your life, bond deeply with other men and learn to survive in the wilderness using modern tools.

My Soul Searching Adventure was by far one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever experienced. Michael truly held a powerful space for me to discover an aspect of myself I never knew was there. I am forever grateful.

Garrain Jones
Garrain Jones
World Class Life Coach and Former Pro R&B Artist

Clarity. Calling. Connection.

Hey my name is Michael Cazayoux, and I created Soul Searching Adventures with the intention for you to get the following:
  • Clarity on your life’s purpose. A better understanding of what you were put on this earth do do
  • Brotherhood. A lasting connection with like-minded men and a new way of relating to the men in your life
  • Greater self-expression by tapping into your creativity
  • A deeper knowing of yourself and the natural world around you
  • An unforgettable adventure that you’ll tell your grandkids’ kids about because it was so damn fun and impactful

This adventure is for you if want to…

Find your calling

“Our calling is where our deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meet.” This trip will give you the space to explore what that is for you or to deepen your understanding if you’d already found it.

Unleash your creativity

You will free up tidal waves of creative energy to use in your work, your relationships and other projects.

Make a more meaningful impact

Discover what your unique gifts are and where your highest point of contribution can be to the world.

Be maximally stretched

Be challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is for you if you want to see what you are made of. This trip will stretch you in every direction.

Live with greater integrity

The most powerful way to lead is by example. You will learn how to further align your words and actions, and your example will have a massive effect on those around you.

Create radically deeper relationships

Relationships are the most important, sacred parts of our lives. On this trip you will learn to lead ALL of your relationships to place of greater depth and intimacy.

This is going to be a very physically challenging adventure – You will be hiking, paddling, or riding many miles. You will be sleeping in a tent on a small sleeping pad. You will be outside in the elements for days. There is a standard level of physical fitness required. If you are up for that – then I’m your Huckleberry. And if you don’t get that reference then… well… I don’t know what to tell you.

Rite of passage

MY very first Soul Searching Adventure was in 2008 – a wilderness therapy program for drug addicts.

It was the Rite of Passage that I didn’t even know I needed. It saved my life and planted an idea in my head – the experience of going out into the wild and being tested (which human societies have done for thousands of years) are important crucibles for men. They are crucial to forging them into who they are truly capable of becoming.

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“I’ve never had an experience as transformative as this one. Soul Searching Adventures was everything I hoped it would be and more in providing the clarity and understanding I needed to address the biggest problems in my life. I’m a better person by going on this trip.”

Ryan Summers
Ryan Summers
VP of Coaching Operations at Active Life RX

Personal Growth

There will be many elements of surprise on this trip, but here’s what you can expect:

  • I will give you some questions, exercises and prompts to write about and ponder
  • We will have a lot of deep conversations that invite you to be vulnerable about diffferent topics
  • You will have a lot of time to connect with your “inner-teacher” or “inner-guru” to find your own answers for your life
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If you are a man in today’s modern age who feels like you have lost your connection to nature, self and to other men, Soul Searching Adventures is a MUST for you. Michael has crafted an experience that harnesses the power of nature and camaraderie to teach you how to reconnect with your real, raw and authentic self. If you are looking for a challenge that is difficult yet fun, powerful yet playful, and overall positively impactful, you can be confident that you are in good hands with Michael and Soul Searching Adventures.

Mike Pullano
Mike Pullano
Founder of ARX

Wilderness Survival

If you don’t already know how to use backpacking gear, you gon’ learn. Myself and a trained guide will show you all of the ins and outs of using backpacking gear and will give you the basics of surviving in the wilderness as long as you have modern camping gear. We will not be killing deer with our bare hands. That’s on Epic Soul Searching Adventure SuperMasterclass. Here are some other things we may cover:

  • Orienteering and way-finding
  • Water principles
  • Leave no trace principles (protect the planet y’all)
  • Setting up camp
  • Cooking in the wilderness
  • Climate stuff
  • What to do in emergency situations
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I would not have taken this trip if it weren’t for Michael. And as a “”city boy”” who had never been backpacking or camping before, the fact that I was able to not only able to complete this trip, but have a lot of fun in the process, should show anyone else how valuable this experience is regardless of backpacking/camping experience and comfortability in nature. I highly recommend SSA for any who are interested in this life changing experience!

Sean McDevitt
Sean McDevitt
Co-owner of DLD Nation

What an incredible experience. I’m so grateful for Michael’s ability to set a container which allowed us men to feel comfortable, and to connect with nature, each other, and most importantly, ourselves. Although challenging, the physicality of the adventure was something we all were able to handle, and made for a feeling of accomplishment that just added to the many beautiful moments we had along this journey. Major life changing experiences await those who embark on this truly soul searching adventure.

Jarom Smith
Founder of Undead Threads

If you’re thinking about applying, just do it. Whatever expectations you have around what this experience will be like, it will exceed it in ways you can’t comprehend yet. Michael has put together a powerful, fun, challenging adventure for men who are ready to go to the next level in their life. This was an experience I’ll never forget.

Austin Brawner
Founder and CEO of Brand Growth Experts

Michael has a gift in his ability to gently lead you towards an honest interaction with yourself and the other members of the group. Michael’s intuition was right on target throughout the week and visible in how he challenged each of us when we were holding back. His depth and timing of questions which led me to uncover my truths played a significant role in my journey, which I attribute to his genuine compassion for the individuals, as well as personal wisdom from his own soul searching journey. My intention coming into the week was to figure out how to be more vulnerable and how to communicate my past, but instead I found myself unbound from the beliefs that I was somehow less of a person for having them and found peace and freedom from those beliefs. I ended the trip with so much more clarity, purpose and vision towards my future, rather than constantly looking over my shoulder at the past. I recommend Soul Searching Adventures for anyone seeking a better understanding of self, developing the skills to create strong bonds with other men and equip you with tools to allow you to find calm within your mind.

Kelly Lare
Kelly Lare
Sr Manager Operations at NetApp

This trip is a no brainer. You will likely be on the fence because it’s not cheap and talking about your feelings around a bunch of other men is somewhat terrifying. Bury both of those concerns and jump all in. It’ll be one of the most impactful trips of your life.

James Cerbie
James Cerbie
Founder of Rebel Performance

Michael has created something beautiful! I didn’t realize how much I really needed this adventure until I was on it! It truly changed my life. I have a whole new perspective on the world around me and even what’s inside of me. I was able to connect with nature in a way I never knew was possible and really learn more about myself. The fellow men that embarked on this journey with me were all smart, motivated individuals with their own unique stories and conflicts but the way it was facilitated helped us all find common ground and connect. It was liberating! I highly recommend putting yourself out there and going on an adventure with Michael. You won’t regret it!

Matt Daley
Matt Daley
Computer Scientist and Web Designer

Michael did an amazing job leading us on our trip to the Grand Canyon. The scenery was incredible and not having internet was amazing. Connecting with the other men was effortless as each person selected to be on the trip was both friendly and kind. The exercises we did together overall were very therapeutic and coming home I feel lighter than I have in years after being full unplugged for a full week. Great experience, highly recommended.

Doug Larson
Doug Larson
Co-founder of Barbell Shrugged

If all of this sounds fun to you, click to apply now.

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