Find your next level on an epic wilderness adventure

“Mind knows the questions, Soul knows the answers”

-Amit Ray
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When the trip was over, the breakthroughs were ingrained in me. Unlike a seminar or self-help book, I don’t need to go back and flip through notes and do a bunch of extra stuff.

-William Albritton (COO Infenergy Solar)

This really has changed me as a husband, father, friend, and individual. I would recommend Soul Searching Adventures 12 out of 10 times for anyone seeking clarity and direction in their life. Words can’t describe how amazing this trip was. The amount of gratitude I felt for life at the end was unlike anything I ever experienced. 

-Tom Hopkins (PM at Microsoft)

Soul Searching Adventures was by far one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. Michael held a powerful space for me to discover an aspect of myself I never knew was there. I am forever grateful.

Garrain Jones (World Class Life Coach)

2023 Adventures
June 13-27 Amazon River, Bolivia (invite only)
Sept 4-10 Boundary Waters, MN (sold out)


2024 Adventures
March 25-31 Escalante, UT
August 12-18 Wind Rivers, WY

Guys come to me all the time…

At first, they pretend they love their job, but they just need to work fewer hours. When I dig in, they admit that they aren’t happy in their career. They wish they were doing something that fired them up. Something with meaning. Something that would allow them to really help people, while doing what they’re best at.

At first, I’ll ask them how their relationship is going and they’ll say, “Oh it’s great, I love my wife.” When I dig in, they admit how much they’ve been taking their partner for granted, or that they’re unsatisfied sexually, or even that they have thought about divorce. They crave a partnership defined by radical honesty and intimacy, a passionate sex life, and mutual support for each other’s passions and pursuits.

Privately, they’re anxious and unsure about the future. I meet guys who wish they were on a more creative path in life, who wish they had created some sort of art or music, and who miss the types of friendships they had in high school when there was always someone to do stuff with. If you can relate to any of those, you’re not alone. I’ve personally experienced almost all of the above.

These trips are life-changing, every time. I’ve been on multiple, and I intend to do many more.  Michael is a master facilitator, a man of integrity, and he’s a generally DOPE dude.

Jordan Bowditch (men’s coach and CFO of Sex and Love Co)

Michael has put together a powerful, fun, challenging adventure for men who are ready to go to the next level in their life. Whatever expectations you have around what this experience will be like, it will exceed those in ways you can’t comprehend yet. This was an experience I’ll never forget

Austin Brawner (founder Brand Growth Experts)

I’ve never had an experience as transformative as this one. My Soul Searching Adventure provided me the clarity and understanding I needed to address the biggest problems in my life. I’m a better person by going on this trip.

Ryan Summers (VP Operations at Active Life RX)

What if your life was different?

Imagine you wake up on Monday morning, and your first thought is, “Fuck I love my life.” 

You roll over and see your girl’s booty peeking out of the sheets. Aroused, you wake her up and have some quick, but passionate morning sex.

Some of your closest friends join you for a workout. You crush it and follow it up with a quick sauna sesh where you catch up with your buddies.

You wake your kids up, and you genuinely feel that there is nothing you’d rather be doing than being with them getting ready for school. You walk into your son’s room and it turns out that someone left his dresser unlocked, so he took out a tube of buttpaste and rubbed it all over his face, arms, the carpet and the walls.

But you’re unfazed (well, almost) because you’re a borderline emotional jedi now and don’t resist reality.

Once they’re off to school you sit down to do the work you were born to do. You know exactly what you need to work on today, and you get right to it. You do some creative work for a couple of hours and then take a break to go and flirt with your wife for a few minutes.

In general you are more effective in everything you do. You’re thoughtful and generous. When something needs to be said, YOU are the one to say it. When something needs to be done, YOU are the one to do it. As a result, people look to you as the leader. Your relationships deepen. You feel a greater sense of purpose in your life immediately. You start pushing your edges in areas of your life that you used to stuff in a closet. You feel alive. You become funnier because you’re just a freer version of yourself. People want to be around you more, because they like who they become in your presence. 

6 months ago, you were reading blogs and listening to podcasts on how to solve your problems and get unstuck. Today, you’re on fire because you’re pushing your edges in every area of life that matters to you. You’re intentional and courageous in everything you do.

While other people sit on the sidelines waiting for their dream job, dream relationship, and dream life to simply appear, a small group of people have decided to live different lives. Lives that deeply fulfill and excite them. They’re at peace, yet passionately working on things that matter to them. They feel whole and have an insatiable desire to give their gifts to the world.

I know because I’m one of them. And I know dozens of guys who’ve been on trips with me and are living this life.

Modern life comes with countless inputs. We’re bombarded with advertising. Our phones buzz with texts and emails. Our spouse reminds us of our honey-do list. Our cup gets filled with all of the “noise” that comes with being a modern human in the developed world. Getting out into nature, like I did with Michael through Soul Searching Adventures, quieted all of the noise. So much so that I get to feel and hear my inner-self more than I do at almost any other time in my life. My recent trip to Peru with Soul Searching Adventures pushed me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I felt feelings that I’d been ignoring for days, months, even years. I got to be witnessed for my gifts from a group of peers that I admired. I got to build physical confidence as I literally climbed mountains. And Michael glues it all together with his unflappable leadership, his kind heart, and his pointed wisdom. This trip brought immense value to my life. My capacity to show up as a husband, friend, son, mentor, and boss expanded as a result of going on my Soul Searching Adventure. -Jared Nations (co-founder Investor’s Alley)

A few things my ego wants you to know/things marketers say I should put at this point in this page.

  • I’m a 2x CF Games Team Champion (2012 and 2013)
  • I co-founded and sold an online fitness company called Brute Strength
  • I started the Brute Strength Podcast (later Michael Caz Podcast), which had millions of downloads and was the #4 ranked podcast of the entire Health category at one point
  • My wife and I built and sold a nutrition coaching company called Working Against Gravity, which she founded.
  • I have a relationship that I (and my wife) genuinely rate a 10/10, including having bomb sex (most of the time) 8 years and two kids in.
  • I’ve spent thousands of hours in my own individual and group therapy sessions, and AA meetings since I was 15.
  • I studied psychology in college and have obsessively studied psychology, spirituality, and personal development content for over a decade.
  • I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on life coaches, relationship coaches, and business coaches and have been mentored by some of the best in the world.

I should be in jail or dead

Despite growing up in an all-American family, I managed to get addicted to drugs as a teenager. What started as a way to fit in with the cool kids quickly became the only way I knew how to get through life. I became depressed, anxious, and lonely. I coped with all of that by using harder and harder drugs more often. I became a thief. A cheater. A liar. The type of guy who I’d chase out of the house if my daughter brought him home (which actually happened to me).

Shortly after I started using needles, my parents shipped me off to a wilderness treatment program in the Utah desert, and it changed my life. That was 15 years ago.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you related to building better relationships, living with more purpose and generally loving your life more. I’ll introduce you to some of the same experiences and practices that have helped me and hundreds of others.

This trip was extremely therapeutic. Connecting with the other men was effortless as each person selected to be on the trip was top notch. This is the lightest I’ve felt in many years.

Doug Larson (co-founder Barbell Shrugged)

When two people can share their greatest fears and insecurities as well as their boldest hopes and dreams with each other, accepting and encouraging one another, this is true depth in a relationship. Creating radically deeper relationships—with your spouse, your buddies, your family, your children—starts with a radical shift in knowing yourself.
Finding your life's purpose is a process like peeling back layers of an onion. During this adventure, you’ll have prompts, support and community to uncover your next layer and bring your purpose into crystal clear clarity.
Your natural state is one of inner peace, creativity, and power, but you live in an environment far from natural. On this trip you will discover who you are and what you're capable of when you disconnect and immerse yourself in the wilderness.

This trip will NOT solve your problems

I can’t stand it when people tell you that if you just buy their course, their book, their product, or their trip, then not only will your problem be solved, but it will be solved forever. It’s true that almost without exception, the men who come on Soul Searching Adventures have huge breakthroughs and epiphanies. Some leave feeling like a completely different person. But it’s also true that to maintain the benefits of this trip, or any other transformational experience, you have to do two things:

  1. You have to maintain practices & habits that help you think and feel your best.
  2. You have to change your environment (which mostly means the people in your life, but sometimes the physical environment as well). We imitate the people around us. You have to either (a) enroll the people in your life into treating you as you are and not who you used to be, or (b) find new people who challenge you and support the new version of you. I can’t be there to hold your hand to make sure you do this (with the exception of those that hire me for 1:1 coaching).

I will teach you how I’ve done these things in my own life, I will tee you up for doing this in what I call “Pillar Night,” and the rest will be up to you. You’ll have to take radical responsibility for continuing to do your work. So if you think that going on this adventure will solve all your problems—don’t.  Besides, you don’t need it to solve all your problems, because YOU are the guru you’ve been searching for. You just have to awaken that part of yourself and learn to live as him consistently.

The safe container, beauty of nature, and feeling of connection with like-minded souls helped break down my own walls & barriers while gaining strength to be the true me, unapologetically, with confidence! I will be forever grateful for Soul Searching Adventures.

-Trent Longhurst

Michael’s approach to leading this trip is unlike any other journey I have been on. It is up to the individual to find answers within themselves, but Michael arms you with the right tools and resources to dig deep within yourself. Michael attracts a great group of individuals and by the end of the trip you feel as if you have a new family.

Sam Edwards (co-founder Send to Win)

What an incredible experience. Major life changing experiences await those who embark on this truly soul searching adventure.

Jarom Smith (clothing designer and founder of Undead Threads)

Trip Itenerary

  • Monday- AM departure (exact time TBD)
    • Arrive at airport
    • Drive together to trailhead
    • Opening Ceremony to set some intentions and start getting to know the other men
  • Tuesday through Friday
    • Hike
    • Learn how to survive outdoors
    • Do lots of soul searching via writing, contemplating, sharing and other practices
    • Have a shitload of fun and a transformative experience
  • Saturday
    • Wake/breakfast and coffee + leave camp
    • Hike
    • Arrive at vehicles
    • Pack up and drive to Airbnb
  • Sunday
    • Fly home
  • Following Wednesday night (3 days after you return home)
    • A mandatory aspect of each Soul Searching Adventure is called Pillar Night. This is a Zoom call from 6-8pm CST. I will give you more details about this call when we talk.

This trip is a no brainer. It’ll be one of the most impactful things you ever do.

-James C

If youre ready and truly feel called to this experience, it can change your life.

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What type of men go on these trips?

Typically, high-performing men who are unsatisfied with one or more areas of their lives. The people I select to come on the trips have some of the following qualities.

I sense that they can help me maintain a safe container for every person in the group to open up

They have a wide range of experience in the personal growth space, but what’s important to me is open-mindedness to a new experience, both within themselves and externally.

I believe they can add value to the other members of the group in some way

What do I have to bring to the trip?

I will give you a full gear list when you sign up, but here are some of the bigger items you will need to bring:

  • Backpack
  • Tent (you can share with someone else)
  • Sleeping bag and pad
  • Headlamp
  • Clothes to be prepared for the cold and the heat

Where do we meet for the trip?

We will meet at the airport nearest our starting location, and we will shuttle together from there

“I am new to this type of work and have trouble expressing myself to other men.”

That is absolutely fine. The only thing I expect of you on the trip is that you push YOUR edge. That will be different for every man. I won’t push you past what I think you’re capable of, but don’t sign up for this trip if you’re still trying to “play it safe.”

“I've been doing this type of work for 20 years. What’s different about this experience?”

I’ve worked with a lot of very experienced guys, and here’s what they say is different about this experience.

1. It helps them unlock new insights and epiphanies when they’re immersed in the wilderness, completely disconnected, while physically pushing themselves intensely. These trips are the hardest physical thing many men have done. Regardless of exactly how hard it is for you, this level of physical exertion breaks down the ego’s defenses and makes space for buried memories and new thoughts to arise.

2. It helps to have a masterful guide (their words, not mine) to go deeper into their past and present experience and at times give direct, pointed feedback.

What if I’ve never been camping or done anything like this physically?

I’ll let Sean, a guy from downtown LA that had never even been glamping before this trip answer this one: “Before this trip, I had only camped once in my life (I’m 34) and it was of the “park next to your tent” variety, and I considered myself to be very much an urban dweller. By the end of this adventure, I was more comfortable in nature than I’d ever been: I could put a tent together, sleep comfortably in said tent, read a topographical map, use a Jet Boil for food, and efficiently use my hiking poles (just to name a few). In addition to my newfound comfortability in nature. I would not have taken this trip if it weren’t for Michael. And as a “city boy” who had never been backpacking or camping before, the fact that I was able to not only able to complete this trip, but have a lot of fun in the process, should show anyone else how valuable this experience is regardless of backpacking/camping experience and comfortability in nature. I highly recommend SSA for any who are interested in this life changing experience!

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