Exhale #13

On the Soul Searching Adventure I led last week in the Grand Canyon, I did one of the most powerful exercises I’ve done in a while. The participants on the trip were having some solo time, and I took that time to write my wife, Adee, a letter.

To give you some context let me share a couple other things that led me to writing the letter in the way that I did.

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Exhale #12

I started the Friday Exhale Newsletter as part of a 90 day challenge with a group of friends to publish one piece of written content per week. While the challenge is complete, my writing is just beginning. 

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Exhale #11

I’ve been the star of an iPhone video show for the past few years called “Stupid Shit Your Husband Does.” It is shot and produced by my wife, Adee. 

There is a central theme to these videos and it has to do with my spaciness. 

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Exhale #10

This is a story of me fighting like hell NOT to feel my emotions and how I began learning to work through my “shit.”

It’s the morning of my 18th birthday. The day I planned to throw my life away.

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Exhale #9

When I started my first podcast, The Brute Strength Podcast, over 5 years ago I nearly shit myself before and during every episode. 

I was so consumed with imposter syndrome and general self-doubt. I would book guests and regularly cancel for some bullshit reason. 

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Exhale #8

A week after Adee and I eloped, we went to the Seattle area for a mini honeymoon. 

On a Saturday we went out to breakfast. After breakfast I got a call from a friend. I walked outside and stood leaning against the window of a 7-Eleven looking out at the street. 

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Exhale #7

A few nights ago, a men’s group I’m a part of gathered at my house in what we call the “meditation room.” 

Each time we meet there is a “king,” a person who is in charge of facilitating the group for that evening. 

The other night Jared Nations (AKA Jah, Trail name: Cameltoe) was the king. 

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Exhale #6

My ethos for years has been to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

I’m making a commitment to bring that into my writing.

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Exhale #5

My good friend, Anthony Gustin, is in Africa right now learning about what it’s like to live in tribal communities.

He has an amazing Q&A on his IG where his followers asked a bunch of awesome questions about what he’s learning and his answers.

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Exhale #4

As we sat in a circle of 11 men, one of the guys said, “I’ve got something to share that I’ve never told a living soul.” 

He stuttered a little as he continued, and he was visibly tense and afraid of what everyone would think of him. 

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